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Trevor Nelson, President of Newmontis, has closed over $1 Billion of transactions in his career. The following article was published 3/25/2020 as his insight into how to position yourself going into the COVID-19 crisis. 

Summary points:

  • Apartments are the best asset class in commercial real estate right now, based on pricing and risk-adjusted returns

  • Poorly located retail and hospitality are the worst positioned types of property to manage the crisis

  • If you look hard enough, discounts on good deals will be available over the next few months

  • Accredited investors can contact Newmontis to learn about investing and earning a projected 7%-10%+ return annually from rental payments, and even higher returns with future appreciation. 

To request information email: or call (424) 421-7371

To read the whole article, see below (9 minute read)

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