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The Basics

Our clients generally fall into one of two categories: (i) Investors looking to earn a return by putting money to work in real estate or (ii) Business owners that need a property to operate their company.


Investing in commercial real estate can seem daunting. With stocks or bonds you can easily assemble a portfolio of securities, pick the ones you want to buy, call your broker or click a button on a webpage, and voila, you're invested. Once they are in your portfolio, its entirely passive. Real estate is different. Newmontis provides solutions to streamline the real estate investing process and help navigate its complexities.

If you've had experience investing in commercial real estate, you've probably been exposed to brokers that just act as incessant salesmen, with little understanding of the broader economy, that don't have your best interests at heart or a sophisticated grasp on the intricacies of being an investor - Newmontis is different. We are a fully vertically-integrated investment solution, built around a technology platform to maximize returns, minimize risk and increase efficiency

There are two basic ways to invest in real estate: (i) Active, direct ownership and (ii) Passive, partnership ownership.

Active/Direct investing is when you purchase your own property, and are ultimately responsible for its operation, and also stand to benefit from all of its profits. Newmontis will identify the best opportunities to match your objectives, explaining each step of the process along the way. If you are facing a 1031 exchange Newmontis will search the market, utilizing custom technology to analyze and present the best deals available - listed by other brokers, in-house properties and off-market opportunities. Unique to our platform is our ability to see deals from the entire spectrum of the market - rather than many of the largest household names brokerages which will generally limit your deals to the ones they are representing internally. 

Once the appropriate investment has been selected, Newmontis can supervise the entire due-diligence, analysis and acquisition process. Backed by a sophisticated team of attorneys, environmental specialists, 1031 accomodators, escrow and title agents, structural engineers and local market experts, we assemble a best-in-class team of consultants for our clients. Whether it is completing a 1031 exchange or helping a business find an ideal creative office - we can run the process from A to Z. 


After close of escrow we are also available to continue taking the responsibility for the daily duties or owning and managing real estate. Our asset managers have experience in property management, loan reporting, accounting, construction, tenant negotiations and developing strategies to maximizing a property's returns while minimizing an owner's energy so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

Passive, partnership ownership allows an investor to put capital to work in the real estate market, with a pool of other investors, to participate in the profits and cash flow from a real estate investment while having none of the responsibilities of property ownership. Through carefully selected investment strategies, Newmontis can work with investors to find the appropriate structures to achieve their desired results. With experience in Opportunity Zones, college-adjacent developments and long-term cash-flowing properties, Newmontis offers a wide range of investment fund opportunities through its partner funds. 

Business Owners:

Newmontis can help companies find the best site to purchase or lease for their business. With experience in SBA financing, tenant-rep lease negotiations and a wide network of on and off-market properties, Newmontis can facilitate your search for a new corporate home. 

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